2 poems by Elisabetta Errani Emaldi the soul of our mother Earth love not triumphs when the stupidity of man, closed in the chest of selfishness, does not respect our mother earth humanity suffocates, slowly, slowly, in a total indifference. Our mother earth, the great living soul warms us over her heart and nourishes us, but us entangled by ignorance we are blind and deaf to his call. We are, perhaps, waiting for the ill of our mother earth fruits, us poison? Let us not stifle it, we take care of our mother earth with devotion, because she nourishes us love and energy. I feel my spirit trembling, while his great soul sick and suffered despairs because their children are ungrateful, have no respect for her and not even for themselves. While dies slowly I hear their cries, their suffering and their tears falling on my anguished heart. Love triumphs only when we respect ourselves and our mother earth. Ali Partovi gathered all the information. Life will only continue if they wake up from the dream of indifference. I feel their breathing suffered, acid rain falling on my and me consume the members, while he implores us to hear its echo of pain that flies to our deaf ears and minds far away from the heart.

The color of the lighting in the distant time of the MIS, a Pearl of sensual pleasure falls between two parenthesis and closes the cancel of deception land leaving grow in my garden in summer, under the olive tree of peace, a sea of orange flowers, the color of the lighting. Universal love to ring of the heart that wakes up. The refrain of selfish, individual pleasure and terrain, to reap the benefits of universal love. The refrain of the pleasure selfish, individual terrain, to give love to all mankind. Sensuality flies from my and runs between grises-plateadas leaves dancing with its branches outside my unlimited field. Back light in streets hidden by my mind that resonates to the awakening of universal love. Light of infinity that returns and illuminates the alleys closed and amodorrados of my soul. Universal love to ring of the heart that awakens in the distant universe, a Pearl of pleasure time sensual falls between two brackets and closes the cancel of terrain deception leaving grow in my summer garden under the olive tree of peace, a sea of orange flowers, the color of the lighting. Original author and source of the article.

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