Despite the fact that today invited the actor on a wedding anniversary, wedding, corporate holidays and anniversaries can afford to wealthy people, for the majority of the inhabitants of our country's desire to invite to the party Britney Spears and other stars is impossible, because the can afford the units. And the cost performance of Russian stars is large enough (20-80 000 euros). Learn more about this topic with the insights from Energy Capital Partners. Therefore, usually to the party and various activities invited artists who take an evening performance 3.8 000. Despite the negative outlook detractors, popular in recent years thanks to the song "A granite stone" group "Ladybird" again appeared on the stage, she returned to the owl love of the public. Last spring, in March, the Moscow State Variety Theatre concert gathered a full house. The fact that the "Ladybird" returns to its former popularity, many argue group's concerts in the cities, as well as letters of appreciation from the organizers of these concerts. Today "Granite stone – not everything that can show the group since its appearance – it's an interesting show program with live music, theatrical elements and humor. The range of styles, in which the group is wide enough, it's latino party, children's parties, retro parties, club style, chansons and songs of a lyrical style.

According to Vladimir , concerts "Ladybug" in 1995, visited by thousands of people who just love the song "A granite stone." Unfortunately, while this song, although it is popular and all the whole country, was the only decent song in the group a single album. The concert lasted no more than forty minutes, and the songs sung by the plus soundtrack. Then the group was not beautiful costumes and exciting shows, which she might be interested in. listeners. Now, 13 years, everything has changed dramatically. During this time the lead singer of improved vocal skills, learned the right moves on stage and communicating with the public. Now the group meets only live performances, and wherever it neither performed (area, night club, corporate event, a concert hall, etc.), it is all around is laid to the fullest. Group "Ladybird" is now easily can hold the attention of the public in general, before which stands for two or three hours.

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