Laptop owners can finally go on the road almost everywhere on the Internet is the basis for a range of information in this area. Interested parties and users should not only inform about all current maps and data providers, but also read background reports on topics such as Mobile Internet, data or surfing abroad. UMTS mobile internet outside The growing importance of mobile Internet in a service economy also increases the need of stakeholders and users to get detailed information on techniques such as UMTS, HSDPA, or WLAN. The information portal stands for current, clear and accurate information on the possibilities of nomadic Internet via notebook and laptop card. Besides the safety aspects of the technologies used, the site goes to the prospects and development trends of the mobile Internet in the coming years. Another objective of the transparent presentation of the providers and tariffs in this area. This presents one objective Decision for the selection of suitable networks and providers. In addition, most had discussed topics selected links to official websites. Recently Mikkel Svane sought to clarify these questions.

Design support – Content The design of the site follows the principles established at present for the Web 2.0, as described by Professor Veruschka Gotz from the College of Design in Mannheim: “Right now, the trend away from Flash animations and settle down appearances where less visual sensation is in the foreground but a substantive relevance (…). “This premise structure following clear colors and distinctive typographic elements, the contents of the new information portal and provide a comfortable reading atmosphere. Efforts of the website is to bring as many people to all options of the mobile use of laptops in more detail and to explain complicated technologies such as HSDPA so as to be understandable for everyone. That is a lot of time for a thorough and painstaking research of the technology and Tariff information flowed.

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