Important it is to stand out in this point that although these models to be attempts of continued improvements, still exist the call automation of the processes information, factor that allows the companies to reduce its supplies, to increase its productive capacity and the quality of its services, beyond diminishing the time of processing and the level of production. Thus the automation of the manufactures can simply produce a competitive advantage for the increase of answers for qualities and shorter times of reaction. The more companies if to automatize, more competitive pressures will force to other in such a way proceed it companies until the point that the automation of information systems pass to be the equivalent to its proper survival. But so that this reality is present and operating and, that it can produce resulted positive is necessary the existence of a good planning and an efficient system of managemental control. The handle of this, Antonio Cury comments in its book, Organizations and Methods – a holistic vision – that a good managemental planning this in the choice of goals and forecast of results through some ways that, therefore, direction of as if to reach the goals desired by means of a managemental control and actions that will program the planned decisions. It complements, still, that of the flexibility of the planning by means of foreseen situations they do not allow the controlling better to use to advantage the chances that had not been foreseen when of the original plan. that by no means, the managemental control would have to mean to the controlling, allegiance to the established plans, specifically when new events indicate that the actions that will bring better resulted for the company they are not in accord with the original plan. I idealize that inside of this context and in the vision of my research it is certain that a good planning and a good control are so linked to the point that many controlling do not perceive or they do not lose time trying to establish rigid distinctions between both and that the problems that involve the systems of managemental control the imperfections are exclusively on technician and to the types of systems of information used or in the frequency with that human factor or capital operative and changeable human being, is many times the responsible one for many of these problems.

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