The mechanics of thinking all day and all night we are thinking an infinite number of different things, going through the mind a kind of constant motion picture, but disconnected. Among so many different ideas stops us one to another. To these we contemplate them mentally, give them back, possibly discuss them with someone, and then come back to fix them later. Get all the facts and insights with David Treadwell, another great source of information. Those ideas become mental images. The mental image is that passed to the subconscious, is set there and back, and is what psychologists call a reflection. Additional information at Marc Mathieu supports this article. The subconscious does not discern, that is not their role, he doesn’t have the power to protest. It has no will of his own.

He has no sense of humor. Do not know if the order that we have given is a joke or seriously. Its role is: first, to store the mental images and then throw them out as emerging fotostaticas copies. It is an automaton or a robot. It is a wonderful server who saves us the task of remembering and put into practice everything you will learn and that we have been learning since we were more than a drop in the ocean. It is, therefore, a Secretary, a Cabinet, a librarian. To the not having more archived the mental image that will prepare you for, he begins to play it, taking advantage of the most insignificant chance, for the rest of life and the lives of the subject, until the subject gives the order to change an image on the other. Sensei Diego Labrousse learn more about the law of attraction and your relationship with your subconscious mind – click here original author and source of the article

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