The marketing strategies emanating from representing a broad range of actions that companies or institutions are implemented, more or less successfully, to meet not only the needs of its customers, but also to achieve progressively expand its base, diversifying and renewing its service or product to market and target to which it is directed, is also working with other necessary organizational actions such as strategic repositioning in the market, strengthen the institutional image, adaptation to the existing changes in it, optimize its services based on the increasing demands of the customers it serves and to anticipate the competitive offer, among other possibilities. Analyses on the other hand all the functions to be performed by a company or institution to investigate the needs of its customers, which is required, the development of market research, planning, promotion and advice to sell the product in the market. In many cases to the particular needs of companies and according to size is used specialists in the field, either as consultants or through external consultants aimed at these issues. Specifically, the marketing education, is concerned with social research to develop strategies that enable solutions that meet the educational units in its management and development in attracting customers (students) while the satisfaction of the parents or legal guardians have these customers and responding to the obligations imposed by the legal framework and requirements that society has for education. Historically, private schools were more likely to look inward, to improve communication networks directed to the educational community, to include a wider service depending on the demands of it, and so on. .

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