I decided to write this article for what would help all who want to learn how to easily assess quality make-up lessons. If you yourself are looking for lessons, then only one request in Yandex will give you a one thousand proposals. And how did all this to understand? I really like the concise articles with headlines like "10 reasons to lose weight," or "5 signs of success," "how to quit smoking for 3 days" or "12 steps to nirvana," why not come up with nothing better, called his method of assessment ". So what are the minimum requirements, we must bring to the lessons of makeup? A – Authorship. The name speaks for itself. The first lesson in choosing to detail acquainted with the personality of the author. Learn about his professional achievements in the field of decorative cosmetics, its possible contribution to the beauty industry. Do not be lazy, look at his portfolio, read testimonials.

Tested authorship of at least save you from all samopaltsev, and give confidence that you get the knowledge first hand. B – No hemorrhoids. A little strange title for assessment, but in my opinion quite accurately. This includes opportunity to undergo training in a comfortable environment for yourself. This ability to access the lessons online, and convenient methods of payment and delivery, and is very important that the video format lessons supported by your player. Frantic search for additional devices and software on the computer – not the most pleasant zanitie. The principle of "order-cum-trainer". In this evaluation may also include easy navigation and search.

B – visually. Not for nothing says: "Better to see once than hear a hundred times." This means the presence in the classroom visual aids: it may be illustrations, drawings, photos and video. Specificity lessons makeup is such that requires photo and video quality, due to the fact that often in the lessons it comes to color schemes, palettes shadows on the choice of make-up eye color, or color enhancement. It is very important to convey the lessons of the nuances and subtleties of color. T – Literacy. Make-up lessons must be drawn correctly. This is nothing to add. That is correct, it's understandable, and the scheme from simple to complex. D – Democracy. Lessons should not be, as they say now "imprisoned" and to impose a stamp only a cosmetic product. Better if it would be universal advice, under which you will pick yourself available, and preferred the necessary tools and resources. Lessons that will help you in the future guided in choosing the right makeup and is the highest quality lessons!

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