From outlet to illuminate things a bit more complicated for the simple reason that most of the fixtures do not have a switch, you do not want every time to climb into the kitchen, that would turn off lights. Therefore, you need to consider where to make the switch. Option two – simple and complicated. Simple – in a convenient place for you to hang on wire from the kitchen-breaker, like floor lamps and sconces. More complex – proshtrobit normal switch into the wall panel, for example, somewhere near the sockets (useful and beautiful).

If you plan to install the modules in the upper microwave oven or a tv antenna socket and so can also bring up the kitchen as well as through the back wall module where they will stand these devices. 3.Dalee talk about the plumbing and gas. As well as with electrical outlets, as upomyanalos higher – for the same reason, and pipes (as gas and water) can not be place for inline oven, dishwasher and washing machine. It is best to place them in a place to house the module with a sink, but below the electrical outlets (if you brought in the same module). Any kitchen set has a technological gap between the wall and back wall of the lower modules, about 50 mm. There also is recommended for stiralok hoses, dishwashers, fans, gas and water pipes electrical wires. If possible of course, need all communications to hide behind the lower modules, but often the gas and water towers are vertically straight into the kitchen, in this case is nothing to be done, have to adapt headsets under this configuration cuisine.

To this end, cuts are made in the countertop and in the module. In such cases it is necessary to minimize the damage caused by the appearance of the kitchen. Part of the riser between the top and upper module can sew (make box) of particleboard and pieces of wall panel. The top module which goes through the riser can saw through, making it less in depth, so that would-pipes were in module. Only in this case be able to fix the module to the wall, it will be attached to adjacent modules on the right and left. That is, in principle, yet all I wanted to tell. Therefore, what-would not overpay builder-installer when installing kitchen initially try to plan space and communication as I have told you.

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