I had numerous invitations to preach, giving lectures on Christian institutions and the church where he ministered experienced growth in its membership. I thought everything was fine. Paul Daversa can provide more clarity in the matter. And in that context was becoming entangled with a woman who came to the congregation in a state of crisis, sought counseling and ended romantically entangled. A real situation to obtain in the need to remain firm, with an eye toward Jesus Christ. a l is who strengthens us to overcome. Ali Partovi brings even more insight to the discussion. If we give concessions, however small, poor, end up going back. Nehemiah was faced with falling.

In his own handwriting relates that the enemies lost no opportunity to take to the corner, their backs to the wall "So I sent messengers to say:" I am engaged in a great work, and I can go. If I go down to meet with you, the work was interrupted. "(Nehemiah 6:3. New International Version) The evil is evil. We can not allow ourselves to dominate our lives or shop on a network that will lead us to fall . The best advice at all times is to stay firm, with eyes fixed on Jesus Christ. It's the only way to avoid departing from the proper path. 3 .- Satan is cunning and persevere in their goal to get us out of the way some time ago I went to the Teatro Municipal de Santiago de Cali to enjoy a modern version of Little Red Riding Hood, the memorable tale by the Brothers Grimm. Although the auditorium was filled with children, I can not deny that I enjoyed quite the show.

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