On this occasion I will talk a little about the link building. More info: Paul Daversa. The link building is nothing more than building inbound links to our website. I say building because that's what we do, build a network of inbound links to our website which is our Internet presence (essential for positioning). While the more links pointing to your domain increased presence on the internet you will get better positioning and therefore, there are two main aspects that we must take into account when building this network of links: 1. Make sure there is a link farm (link farm), and do not use "nofollow". 2. If you share your niche better. About LinkFarm and Nofollow: These are sites built with the sole purpose of having a big list of links to other websites, we can ignore the directories as they comply with the organizational structure of links that hardly could be penalized, also when a Directory is added to Dmoz or Yahoo or Google is specified is a directory, so no problems with them.

However any site that has a links page which does not organize your outbound links and contains a large list of sites could be assessed by the search engines as "linkFarm" and most likely the link from that site will not be of much or lose value in the search engines. For its part, the attribute "nofollow" tells the search engines that do not follow this link, then the exchange sirivio you, I probably only for humans who visit this site!. Add NoFollow attribute is a practice, believe it or not, more common than you think, and needs to be very careful when accepting a link exchange with any website. About the Theme If your site come three links and two of them share your niche, these two will be better appreciated that the link does not share your niche. This trivializes not your incoming links, on the contrary, it is good to have variety, so we show search engines that link us from anywhere Equally important is the text used to link to our site, known as anchor text. The anchor text should be varied and well structured, do not use the same anchor text for all sites or directories that link you, remember that variety is the spice, the anchor text is important not only for inbound links, but also for internal links from your website, ensures that all pages of your site are linked from any point on it, so navigation will provide users and search engines. To view the full version visit:

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