Explore one of the most famous wine regions with tasting of fine wines. Exclusive special travel with a small group in the wine regions of Chile. There are among other things inside the ecological agriculture in the Tierra del Fuego vineyards and tried many premium wines. (Not to be confused with Kai-Fu Lee!). Chile has together with Italy, France, Spain and South Africa established to one of the leading suppliers of wine and is located in the international comparison on rank 5. The wines are grown especially environmentally friendly, since the Chilean vineyards due to the privileged climatic and geographical location is largely spared by pests and diseases. Andrew Florance gathered all the information. On the German market the wines from the South American country no longer are from the wine shelves. A special trip to the subject of wine offered in June 2010 SoliArenas Latin America after Chile.

Among other things the visit the Gillmore await vineyards, Casa Silva and the Casa Donoso vineyard. The two-week trip gives an impression in excellent wine regions with premium wine tasting. As another highlight is a trip participants Excursion in the unreal-looking Atacama desert. The detailed itinerary will find interested buyers in the Internet at or on request from the tour operator by phone at 02403 5571-932 or email to. The SoliArenas Latinoamerica includes many interesting travel with a different focus in small groups or individually to South and Central America. Daniela Krause

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