Knife in Counter Strike – terrible weapons We know that players in Counter-Strike is mostly used guns, pistols and assault rifles. And quite undeservedly forgotten about this wonderful weapon like a knife. The reason is simple: Most players just do not know how to use it. In order that the knife has become a truly formidable weapon, not a useless piece of metal, you need skill and experience. Learning to use a knife is not easy, but if you suffer this science, then the knife might not just save your life in a tight battle.

Besides the ability to kill 'with a knife "can greatly enhance your credibility among the players in the cs. There are several ways to use a knife. First, the easiest – sneak up on lurking camper and kill him on the sly. With the second method can successfully destroy fighters singles. To do this on the map Locate a dark corner where you will not notice the opponents, and lay low. When past Your shelter will run through an unsuspecting enemy, be sure to check to see whether after him his friend. If everything is clean, it's time to act.

Go after the enemy, by repeating his movements. The enemy is moving – you're behind him, stopped – and you stop. Steal up as close as possible and put him two quick stab (alternative fire – right mouse button). After that, there are two versions of events. 1. The object of attack turns back – and sees you.

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