A religion Greek the religion Greek was formed through a long prehistoric and historical period. Through the data that we have currently, we can infer certain prehistoric influences and only affirm the established historical aspects in a profusion of dispersed data. Educate yourself with thoughts from Ali Partovi. Undeniably given of the minica civilization, associates the cultural substrata of populations autctones of continental Greece, had created the first forms of cult religious. The cave, for example, as local of cult, certainly originary of neolithic cretenses cults and later carried to the continent, appears in all history Greek, until the rficos cults (these of Asian origin and delayed incorporated to the culture Greek) and making an appearance in the myth of the cave of Plato. The deities of the sky and the storm, with Zeus, have clear Indo-European origins and had been brought in the north for the people aqueu and drico. Other deities, as Atena and Demter, have Aegean inheritance. It also has the group of deities that has foreign origin, generally Asian, as Ares and Dioniso, both mattering of the Thracian; Afrodite equally has Asian origin, possibly of Babilnia.

Other deities are the result of a multicultural sincretismo: Possidon, for example, where the horse discloses to origins Scandinavians and tridente and the sovereignty of the sea discloses a god southern. This process of formation was extended for some hundreds of years and was established for return of the VIII century B.C. Homero had the paper of first compiler of the beliefs Greeks, when placing deuses as personages in its workmanships. In these narrations deuses constantly is intervined in the life of the heroes, many times using the human beings as joguetes of its particular conflicts. It was perhaps thinking about this aspect that Shakespeare wrote in ‘ ‘ King Lear’ ‘: ‘ ‘ We them men, are for deuses what they are the flies at the hands of the children who, to have fun themselves, matam.’ ‘ (Shakespeare? King Lear Act IV).

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