In case you do not have sufficient equity, one option is to borrow money from relatives or friends, while ensuring that the borrowed amount is not excessive, and that once obtained the money, do not feel so pressured about having to return on a deadline. 3. Do not spend all your money in the creation of a new business there is always the risk that things do not go well, so it is recommended that you never invest your entire money in the creation of a business, always leave a part of it if things do not go as you expected. 4. Reserve a small budget the time to invest in building a business, provided a small capital reserves in case of contingencies.

It is common when making projections of expenditure or investment, the final actual costs, ie what really get to spend or invest, the costs are higher than we have budgeted or planned, there are always hidden costs escape us when making our projections. So having a small budget reserve to help us solve these problems. 5. Doing business reduces your investment is not just about seeking higher sales or income potential, but also to seek the lowest cost. (Similarly see: Bobby Sharma Bluestone). When creating your business, you ensure that your investment is the smallest possible, without implying that you invest in things of poor quality, for example, if your business involves the purchase of certain machinery, you must not rush and buy the first machine you find, you should take your time researching the market well and good products and compare prices.

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