In this case, download everything you need from a 'Runtime' switches to another and load everything you need from it. But the thing. Try to postpone the unfinished work, and then again to load it in the next session. What do you think of any of the folders 'Runtime' address 'Poser' and all he finds there? That's just it, and it is. Fico you with oil, and not a continuation of work. Certainly, the existence of such a method of creative activity takes place. But the sessions of this activity will be disposable. It is very doubtful and not conducive to prolonged creative convenience.

Another way of organizing the library was read on the forums, offered him one of the intelligent professionals versed in this matter. The bottom line. For each of the creative ideas we are forming their own folder 'Runtime' with all the necessary items and characters. We think over what we need, we select installation files To install, connect to the 'Poser' work, and then remove the roots. And so do each job. Can be installed on the base model once, and most of them not to touch, manipulate only additional libraries. Climbing in daddy and scrubbing them only after work. As you are such a method? Frankly, I like the options are not suitable and seem to be very burdensome. Want to have a normal directory with once and for all with the model and refer to them as needed, not climbing into folders no scrubbing, no installing and no switching.

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