Identify your strengths and blockages. Attract Your Ideal Life! The Law of Attraction tells us that the thoughts which we think, the feelings that nourish the words we say and the actions we undertake, are made, as everything that exists, of energy. The vibrational energy attracts into your life, the more energy the same type. So if you are having thoughts of poverty, unhappiness, sadness, fear … you will be emitting energy in a very low vibrational frequency that will appeal to you, thoughts, feelings and situations with the same low energy. Most of us, whether for routine, ignorance, or lack of time to go a little further in our personal growth, we can not really address what we think, feel, do, or say. Moreover, according to scientific studies, 96% of our actions are motivated by thoughts and feelings that are beyond our level of consciousness. Given that we have between 50,000 and 60,000 thoughts a day, is completely impossible to control everyone.

Making it easier and more effective learning to pay attention to our emotions and choose thoughts that tell us about what is really important for us in the here and now and would undoubtedly allow us to enjoy more of our day to day. "And now? Since your attention to yourself over this, you realize that you're feeling bad. The vibrational frequency of your thoughts and emotions is low … what now? Most of us fall into the temptation of creating a resistance struggle against this feeling, would strive to change it at all costs with the help of positive thinking, or simply ignored.

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