So they led Provider, for example, the way a mail to multiple recipients to give. Also, it was possible even larger attachments in the electronic message a to braid. In addition, you can choose other output media often with mails. You type a message, sent them by mail and it is issued as a fax. In a time where nobody has a fax machine, but now public institutions often solicit these, such innovations have been front a big step for the provider.

The smaller providers also like to shift the Office in the mailbox. Ali Partovi has many thoughts on the issue. So, can you lead here not only an address book, but is also common to see a calendar. Emails were a technical upgrade possibility always safer, through which the mail provider recognizable could settle the social networks, showed themselves ironically. Because the social media have repeatedly to deal with security problems. It happens, for example, as before, on Facebook private messages at once, not in the mail store land, but are to be read on the public bulletin board. The accounts of the networks are attacked daily and frequently hacked.

Attacks be ridden both on the email provider, but they have controlled against technically in a mass as it was until now not to see the networks. The safest communication on the net is the email. This proves, for example, the latest mail innovation de mail, which can even be used to transmit official documents electronically from your own computer. The security aspect is one of the reasons why you should trust rather smaller providers. Because the major providers are under continuous attack: In 2012, for example, the case of the 1 & 1 E-mail service GMX was known, had been hacked in to thousands of accounts in Spain. The service of the same House followed only a short time later. GMail remains not verschohnt by the hacker attacks, where several were hacked 1000 accounts. Free provider such as have very much rare with such problems. This is not only because they are not as prominent, but also keep in mind that they have upgraded strongly against any kind of threats. In particular the spam filters work in this respect very reliably. More than 90% of the mails that are sent are spam. People who have an account with smaller providers, much less than the users who rely on well-known industry leaders see these messages. A test of the ten most popular Freemail provider from the year 2009 proved that five of the ten provider using the default settings provided no effective protection. The rest is not much better cut. Conclusion: The email is and remains the surest means of communication on the net since then have retrofitted the big mail providers although and have become much safer, but the small sellers are in this respect is still superior. Who wants to communicate digitally, should choose therefore account at this email.

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