In the south of the city of Essen in the Ruhr area of navigable, is the Baldeneysee. Its content was approximately jam in the completion. 8.3 million m. Through its function as a river water treatment plant sat down over the years as more and more sediments at its base. 1981, after nearly 50 years of service, its content was only 6.5 million cubic meters, although had increased by mining-subsidence of the sole in volume over time, something. Already in 1968, was therefore started with the planning work for the dredging of the lake. The dredging began in April 1983 and was completed in May 1984.

A total of 1.1 million m of sediments with a Spulbagger were removed from the lake, about 7 km pipelines transported far and deposited in the depositing sites. After dredging the Baldeneysee again had a content of 7.6 million m. The defense plant in Essen-Werden has three openings which are closed by Hubwalzen. The power plant uses an average gradient of 8.7 m. The built Ruckpumpturbine can, if necessary, up to 8 m / s from underwater in the Sea lift. When used as turbine, up to 16 m / s flow of electric power around. 1000 kW. . Generate Today the lake is mainly dedicated to the recreational sport, sails, boating, surfing or a trip on the white fleet invite you to a wonderful day on the Baldeneysee Essen in the south. Or do but simply a ride on the historic Mueseumsbahn Hesper Valley on weekends and some holidays weeks this year leaves with either a steam or diesel locomotive along the lake between food and home Kupferdreh Scheppen the motorcyclists No one in the Ruhr.

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