I will try to provide a series of recommendations when it comes to the rent of boats so that your holidays are perfect, with a proper programming and smoothly. Ye are many fans that you rent boats and sailboats instead of buying a boat. The Charter imposes steadily in Europe and why it is good to have a few ideas clear. With the cost involved in owning boats or sailboats in property: insurance, mooring, stranding, taxes and maintenance, you can rent a boat similar or superior length for a couple of weeks a year without the worries of having a boat or velerospropio. (Source: Michael Dell). In addition, you can have a boat or sailboat modern, fully equipped, secure, up-to-date and in different bases and ports around the world. For rent of sailboats, catamarans or boats or motor will have to follow a few simple steps. CHOICE of the company in the market will find numerous companies charter with which hire your holiday, but you will mainly go to charter agencies and shipowner companies of boats (owners). Pros and Each company against charter agencies have a greater choice of destinations and can coordinate offers of charter for the same port facilitating the comparative conversely not known in detail the characteristics of the boats and sometimes offered conditions do not coincide with the offered by the Assembly company and if a problem arises during the charterconditions of the contract, etc the customer is the first injured.

If you choose to contract with the Assembly company, you will have first hand information, sometimes to negotiate directly you can obtain better prices and the relationship is much more direct but must EA do your own comparison of prices, boats, sailboats, catamarans, yachts and charterDe companies any way most importantly: choose a company of known and reliable charter which take years in the market of renting boats and sailboats and having a current fleet of boats and yachts and safe or that work with shipowner companies of boats with unblemished reputation. A serious company guarantees a perfect maintenance of boats and sailboats that manages a crew and competent patterns and what is more important: that boat or sailboat has his papers in order and is authorized for hire. These precautions can avoid many problems later. Always make sure that has the role, boat insurance, insurance of occupants, certificate of navigability, leaf seat and permission of Charter hire a pattern? Rental of boats and sailboats are rented with pattern or without crew. Depending on the length of the boat, Sailboat, yacht or catamaran, you will find different options on the market in the latter case it is necessary for any of the crew have the relevant degree and in addition to the necessary experience.

Don’t hesitate to hire a pattern if you are not 100% sure since an accident at sea is one of the most committed and less desirable holiday situations. The cost usually about 150 charter day more maintenance aboard the boat or sailboat. The larger motor yachts 10/12 meters of length nearly always tend to rent boat with skipper and the cost of renting is quite high, to which must be added the fuel Bill.

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