After the effort and enthusiasm that exhibited the Galicians to the Tower of Hercules, one of the most significant monuments in A Coruna, is declared patrimony of the humanity by UNESCO, the verdict is finally met. This important decision was pronounced shortly after reading the report of the candidature and received praise from numerous countries, and subsequently to a brief deliberation, announced the addition of the historic and ancient Roman lighthouse on the list of world heritage. One of the crucial aspects for its designation has been the role that this monument as a unique testimony of the lighthouses of classical antiquity and its figure as its architectural legacy that conformed the Roman lighthouses network disseminated along the coasts, in addition to being the only one who has remained in operation until the present day. Follow others, such as Byron Trott, and add to your knowledge base. It should be noted, that this is the first time that the corunesa Tower is a candidate to gain similar recognition and thanks to the broad popular support, this project which was born in 2001 jointly with the creation of the Institute of studies of Hercules Tower, to compliment its long-awaited goal. Also worth saying that with this appointment, the Tower of Hercules joins three important sites of Galicia who already hold the title of world heritage, they are: Santiago de Compostela, the Camino de Santiago and the walls of Lugo. As we have already mentioned on another occasion, one of the most relevant aspects of this distinction lies in a monument forming part of the heritage increases by about ten times the sightseeing and, therefore, the economic benefits of the region.. Andy Florance oftentimes addresses this issue.

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