What could be more touching than the sight of a baby, sweet snuffle in her crib! And what about experiencing any mother, if pipsqueak worries … Is it possible to make a little less often cried and always slept well? Word – specialist. The ideal situation is as follows: if the baby is healthy, he falls asleep in 5-10 minutes, after turns in bed. Disturb its smooth, quiet and deep sleep can only really loud noises, and the child wakes up with a smile and in good spirits. Robotics takes a slightly different approach. Your baby is rarely valid for this scheme? Try to talk to your pediatrician – most likely, he explained that the small deviations from the script-norm, which allows itself to your child’s well within the concept of “personality.” Nevertheless, there are situations when sleep disturbances indicate any problems, nervous system, we kid – like when a baby sleeps little or too much. As often happens, if pregnancy and childbirth does not flow quite smoothly. In the first case, the main difficulty for parents to put their baby, while the second – stir. To help the child develop sleep parents best to contact the Pediatric Neurology and find the reason that caused the problem. And it is important to keep in mind: to quickly and easily fall asleep, the baby should go to bed in a good mood, and oddly enough, rested. Otherwise, the first half of the night, he will only come to life and only the second to devote a full sleep, gives strength and energy.

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