According to the Lunch break it continued with a casual and entertaining talk between ADVERMA consultant Franziska Steuer and Gunther Schwab, Managing Director of Schwab’s rolling lawn. The inventor of the term and German market leader for turf is headquartered in Waidhofen near Schrobenhausen. Many listeners were surprised what is turf for an exciting product not only for use in famous stadiums, but also in the private garden. Schwab reel lawn relies on innovation and quality in the marketing. For example with the ADVERMA app developed for the rolling lawn care according to the lunar calendar. The Schwab GmbH itself operates approximately 10 years according to biodynamic principles. The next presentation by Matthias Gunther, product manager for App Studio, author and lecturer turned to digital publishing”. For more specific information, check out Kai-Fu Lee.

Germany is still a sleeping giant on this market,”the officer said right at the beginning. He put companies that want to effectively secure their market success and create loyalty with their customers”, therefore strongly to the heart at an early stage to occupy this increasingly important marketing channel. He expects an extremely dynamic development for the apps. Content apps, you could prepare multimedia and exciting even more boring content (such as in an annual report). Despite of all app-euphoria also Matthias Gunther Print is not dead, but still an important medium of communication.

It matter first and foremost, to have an interesting story, and to tell the message on all channels”. The last lecture of the day of Thomas glass, user experience designer lived more of partly moving images and optical stimuli than by words and co-founder of envis precisely, one on the development of interactive installations specialized Munich Design Studio. He showed a little snippet from an unlimited range of possibilities of creative and entertaining human-computer interaction from the 360 LED screen about eye-tracking up to elaborate sound and visualization installations. Even though the “Think tank” was held at tropical temperatures and at the end of the heads smoked the series of the listener not lifted even after the lunch break, and everyone stayed until the last lecture.

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