The LA CONCEPT Green Line whether BannerStand, rollup, X-banner or racks, the LA CONCEPT Green Line includes products made of organically-grown bamboo wood. The eco-friendly, natural materials are characterised by stability. Harvested on special plantations bamboo fully grow back every 4 to 6 years. An intervention in nature obtaining material is excluded in this way. The Green screen Up the LA CONCEPT green line is the first environmentally friendly roll-up on the market. The existing bamboo root, as well as the rod of the rollup make this a real eye-catcher and also constitute an ecologically sound alternative to conventional Aluminiumfussen and bars.

The same is true for the green screen like a high-quality, folding racks from organic bamboo. The warm brown tone makes the green screen like a brochure holder of a special kind. The system comes with 4 DIN A4 Clipboard fachern and due to the fact that it is foldable, easy to transport. The Green Screen booth is also a presentation system from sustainably harvested bamboo. Equipped with a high-quality fabric or recognition level leaves behind an extraordinary impression which can be reinforced by optional Halogen lighting the green screen. Recently the LA CONCEPT Green Line was supplemented by two other products: the X-banner bamboo and the bamboo rollup. The wood look of bamboo X-banner gives a special appearance to this. Apart from the fact that the X-banner provides a unique atmosphere, this system due to the crossed bars is characterized by extraordinary stability.

The eyelets allows a quick and easy change of subject. X banner to complete the natural flair of bamboo, this system in an organic cotton bag will be transported. When the rollup bamboo, also developed from sustainably harvested materials, the pressure in the bamboo system is pinched. This allows a quick change of subject. The Assembly and disassembly of the rollup requires no tools and limited to a few minutes. The rollup comes in a cotton bag. All the LA CONCEPT green line products provide a presentation of a special kind and leave a lasting impression. It was never so easy to show environmental awareness.

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