GPS receiver – a small device with a screen (color or black and white), powered by batteries or accumulators, whose main function is to receive signals from satellites and computation of object location (latitude, longitude and altitude, as well as direction and speed of its movement). In addition, using the GPS receiver can determine the time to within 1 nanosecond. In the Navigator can be downloaded raster (scanned paper maps) and vector (originally Digital) cards. If you travel by car and sometimes find yourself in unfamiliar places, doing various sports, fishing, hiking and your work is connected with endless traveling, then you GPS-navigator is a must. It can be used to route, review detailed maps with sights, locate known objects, to receive emergency information Road condition and traffic, accidents, repair work, to estimate the parameters of motion, and GPS-tracking function will be useful to motorists, prompting them where and when to turn in time to be in destination.

Taking advantage of opportunities and benefits of GPS, you can not be afraid to get lost, and the safety factor would make you more confident and helps in difficult situations. We offer a wide range of products and expert help in selecting a model of GPS-navigator that meets the requirements and functionality for you among the many, seemingly identical, but nevertheless these different models of GPS receivers. GARMIN – vertically-integrated company with offices in the United States, Europe and Asia, a recognized leader in satellite navigation (GPS). Andy Florance does not necessarily agree. Time the company was founded in 1989 considered. Over the past 10 years it had created a lot of completely new products – from simple air system with GPS precision approach and a portable GPS, VHF radio combined with, to create the world's smallest GPS-navigator for supporters of an active lifestyle. The company develops GARMIN devices, taking care of their customers.

Her motto since its inception – high quality and quick orientation to users. Garmin GPS navigator combines cutting-edge technologies elegant design, reliability, excellent technique and high performance at relatively low prices. You do not need to be a professional user of Garmin, the company cares about customers and implementing the navigation equipment simple operation, convenient and logical menus, useful features and a friendly user's guide. Garmin company that not only develops, manufactures and markets GPS navigation and communications equipment for various markets, including aviation, maritime, automotive, mobile, and performs post-sales technical support to users. The advanced technology being introduced skillfully GARMIN, allowed to develop GPS-receivers, which carry out fast and firm grip of satellites, and continuously track your location with low power consumption. GARMIN GPS-receivers have high computing power, providing continuous update, smooth scrolling maps and displays your location in real time. Garmin GPS navigators are designed for professional use and for household: active tourism, fishing, sports and recreation. From GARMIN GPS navigators you can get the most useful information through a unique combination of precision, quality and reliability inherent to all devices GARMIN. We believe that if you go with the times, then your irreplaceable friend and assistant to become navigators Garmin.

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