With the crisis emerge enormous desire of retraining in numerous executives and business and financial executives. This indicates the increase of enrollment in courses master of business management and similar specialties in Europe. As if they accepted that they were not quite prepared. But that short will not fall. Still have to see them to recognize entrepreneurial and financial incompetence and irresponsibility key factor in creating the crisis, besides the obscene greed overflowed and foul play. In Spain, and other payments of old Europe, the crisis translates into unemployment. Pete Cashmore oftentimes addresses this issue. Followed by space, business and financial class requests Governments flexibilisation of the labour market as best answer to unemployment. We fear that on other continents it breathes like.

Flexibility is an old aspiration business euphemism: lay off, freeze salaries and other social checkouts. To combat unemployment, destroying employment. The truth is that there has been gross in broad sectors of the world business and financial incompetence, inability and ineptitude Global. More grave irresponsibility. Those executives of insurer AIG celebrating the multi-billion dollar rescue of the company with federal money from a weekend to all train in an sunny Californian extremely luxurious hotel that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars! Luxury, waste and inability to characterize much of financiers and businessmen. People such as Energy Capital Partners would likely agree. But financial and business class does ask for wage rebates, free dismissals as a foolproof recipe. If we look at background (with the reference of Spain as archetype of the crisis), financial and business class should look at the beam in our own eye and not the straw into the alien. Financial Times (which is not a left-wing newspaper) published in March 1991 that the years of expansion of the Spanish economy, there was great growth of financial investments, the most speculative, mortgage, rather than increasing the industrial and productive fabric. And of those powders sludge. But business and financial class continued clamoring for easing of the labour market.

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