In the vast diversity of modern building materials is easy to get lost. Chemical, processing and mining industries have reached such heights that they produce building materials may to satisfy even the most demanding developer. In this article we give you the basic types of building materials with their advantages, disadvantages, features and other features. Construction materials – a very broad term. This is all material that can be used for the construction of the building facing brick to ceramic brick. Since the human imagination is limitless, building material You may want to do everything.

Therefore, we consider the most common and popular building material. Please visit Mikkel Svane if you seek more information. For the walls, pillars, walls at home can be used both natural and artificial stone materials. Artificial stone materials, most often used in modern construction are brick and ceramic stones. Brick – one of the oldest building materials. A person uses it for more than four thousands of years. There are many (more than five thousand) varieties of brick, which differ in shape, size, color and texture. Bricks come in ceramic, cladding, decorative, clinker, refractory, insulation, silica, ordinary, with glazed, enameled, paving, hollow. Contact information is here: Ali Partovi.

Brick Each type of brick used as a building material with defined objectives, in certain circumstances, for certain tasks. The color depends on the brick firing technology, chemical composition and the composition of raw clay. The main advantages of bricks that make it an indispensable building material – the convenience and ease of use, durability, reliability and high durability and low cost production of bricks. Another important type of building materials – mortars. These building materials are applied in a wide range of works, almost indispensable. The building material composed of binders and aggregate (fine sand, slag). After dilution with water, these materials have the necessary strength and durability. The result is concrete mix, and after hardening – Concrete (artificial stone construction material). If the design consists of a reinforcement, concrete poured, we speak of concrete structures. This is one of the most common building materials known strength and durability. The main cement binder, used in building materials – cement it. Cement – a powdery building material, which differs hydraulic properties. The main component of cement – clinker. After dilution with water this building material forms a plastic mass (cement body), after curing – rock-like body. Cements are these kinds of white, waterproof expanding, non-shrink waterproof, hydrophobic, gidrozemesty, magnesium, Portland cement, sulfate, oil well, slag color. As binders also used gypsum and lime, but their strength is much worse. Used for waterproofing building materials such as asphalt, roofing felt, roofing felt, asphalt. To use these roofing construction materials: slate or brick construction surfaced roll materials (roofing felt) different kinds of tiles, metal plates (iron, copper, lead, zinc), natural material – closely (boards of softwood), reeds, straw and other wood cement Here are those most commonly used building materials in this group: roll materials (roofing felt, roofing felt, vellum), Onduline (modern equivalent of roofing material), different kinds of tiles (Especially metal), copper roof. Natural building material, which is widely used for various construction purposes is wood. It is made of the construction of walls, windows, floors. Apply wood, in logs, plates, strips, planks.

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