Greetings dear readers. Good seller is of course one that has results, that offers solutions to its customers, that meets your needs. How does this a gondola? The answer will be: executing Merchandising techniques. You must consider the gondola from several points of view. Firstly, as one part of the store that meets the very basic function of containing the products offered there. Then this gondola is assigned a specific role in the physical layout of the premises that normally will be a distribution by category so that there is a flow and order that facilitates the travel of the buyer at the store and also contribute to joint sales.

Already in the same gondola, should take into account the placement of products in relation to the input and output of Hall and at the height within the linear. There are several factors to be taken into account to make these appropriate. Among them we can mention: strategy general company firstly what defines positioning rule is the overall strategy of the establishment. Although we know that all trade looks for sales and profitability working philosophy will be unique in each case. In today’s competitive world, there is little chance of achieving this differentiation, however the search order to maintain differences remains permanently and sometimes cyclic.

The placement of products on gondola will reflect this quest for commercial more or less depending on the company’s strategy. To cite a specific case we analyze private or own brands. Depending on the size of supermarket and its level of development as a string comes when developing own brands. When these exist, they have all the support of its parent much or so you have more space than the market in the category leader. Human beings human perception are influenced by our perceptions through our senses. Merchandising and in this case specific, Planogram, seeks to exploit this human characteristic to leverage regular sales or by boost.

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