In the modern market of building houses from glued beams occupy a high enough position. This can be explained only one way. In an era of globalization tend to use safe, environmentally-friendly, and best of all natural things. And such a building material as a laminated board is fully fit these requirements. Why exactly glued laminated wood? Glued laminated timber – is a high-tech, with excellent physico-chemical properties of construction material, retaining all the best qualities of wood.

Wooden houses from this material are easy to mount, as are made with great geometric accuracy. Log houses have excellent heat and sound insulation characteristics are known for their longevity. Each organization dedicated to manufacture laminated veneer lumber has its own production technology. There are two types of laminated veneer lumber – is profiled and structural. As a rule, shaped laminated veneer lumber, used for the construction of walls of wooden houses. A structural beam convenient for the formation of load-bearing structures – beams, trusses and similar engineering elements.

In untreated wood in the form of conventional whole-profiled logs there are many significant gaps, and most important of them – it is a long term drying out. That's why the construction of wooden houses some difficulties, one of them – the shrinkage of the house up to 15%. In this case, construction slows down, because after mounting, about a year to wait until the house "sit", and only then start finishing works, installation of windows and doors. Typically, the construction of timber processed by standard methods appears cracking. At home of laminated veneer lumber sit down, but not more than 1%, thus reducing the time construction of the house. The secret of high strength of resistance to various kinds of impact lies in the design, which has a laminated veneer lumber and method of its manufacture. Construction of wooden houses is becoming more fans. According to statistics, at the peak of their popularity is laminated board, adding to the existing volume of production is still 10%.

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