Thus, a full coverage of 240 collected products was achieved. “Gernot Brandweiner in this regard: the classification reports that we are more recently as a result of the reports, are a valuable certificate for the fire resistance of the tested materials for the VoB members.” Consumers beware: only certified products are safe products! But these tests of the fire behaviour of concrete components in the future are essential not only for the manufacturers outside of the VoB. Only products which have a certified fire resistance, customers are actually safe and secure a fact, the also to responsibility of the commercial appeals. Austrian building materials producers are encouraged in the interests of the consumer, their Classification reports to present as soon as possible and thus establishing a commitment to more security for all. Because, as bandi: with the new classification reports, we finally have a clear criterion of quality for guaranteed fire safety. This gives the building materials. a predicate that customers will soon demand” Traders beware: run only approved goods? Finally, Gernot Brandweiner points still on the importance of certified fire protection safety for all involved in the concrete business finally make the classification reports for the first time unique proof of quality, that for all pages is reliable. The responsibility at each and every one, no matter, whether consumer or owner, manufacturer or dealer.

Brandweiner: Many but not all producers have invested on behalf of their clients time, effort and money in the tests and can demonstrate the classification of their products standards in force. It should be assumed be qualified builders merchants and processors having only classified goods in the interests of their customers and process in their own interests as a qualified specialist company.” About the VoB the Association of Austrian concrete and precast works (VoB) headquartered in Vienna represents the interests of all companies of concrete precast industry in Austria. He supported as independent trade association its members both in technical and product-related issues and sees itself as a (knowledge) platform and mouthpiece for the industry. The Association founded in 1956, with currently 70 member companies, sees its main tasks primarily in the promotion of quality assurance, the development of new applications of products, as well as the scientific and didactic processing of industry-relevant topics. The Austrian concrete and precast works generate a turnover of more than EUR 700 million a year and employ more than 4,000 people in about 100 companies. Thus, this powerful counts Industry, with its broad product portfolio, to the most important industries in the construction sector. Like for more information. Susanne Knoll sky-high text, PR & event Mobile: + 43 (0) 650 / 4001495

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