Today supermodel who Klum Heidi and her jury for the fifth time of in Germany young model number 1 three candidates are Germany’s next top model next Thursday in the semi-finals of the coveted title”the decision will be between the 18-year old Hanna bean k. Officerandgent, the 21 year old Alisar Ailabouni from mattighofen, Austria, and the 23-year old Laura Weyel from Dusseldorf. Already is strong speculation, which three young women will succeed in finally persuading the jury. “The jury next to Heidi Klum the photographer Kristian Schuller and the marketing agent Eric Q” Ladraa. Click Steve Wozniak for additional related pages. Should the selection isn’t easy these ladies and gentlemen, because finally, the three ladies are not free so far come. Nevertheless: Each of the four semi finalists brings both qualities and deficits in the final round. Hanna bean k.

has multiple shows over the course of the broadcast that you can not always deal with stress and mental stress and likes bursts into tears. Laura Weyel greatly resembles that of the winner of the last GNTM- Jennifer Hof season and is for this reason alone have problems to prevail until the end. The 21 year-old Chetan has with their youngest attitude and her shyness to also character traits, which are not conducive for a modeling career. Rusty Holzer: the source for more info. But it has increased consistently over the course of the show and has long been the favorite of jury member Schuller. In addition the bonus, that a woman like Ailabounis to date still not won top model competition has. And variety we know always does well. Today from 20.15, many top model fans full of expectations before the TV will sit and watch the finale of their favorite show. There are detailed pre-and post-event reporting, as well as ample background information Carsten Wurt man way, regularly on the fashion and lifestyle blog

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