A survey of the Deutsche Bank and the BDI according to the German middle class is confident the business future. The company also about mezzanine financing take the capital needed for investment. This is also a chance for investors”, so Inca Board Tamer Zincidi. What makes a company if it needs additional money to the further development of the business? It goes to the stock exchange. Others who may share this opinion include samsung. Many investors wait there, always on the lookout for potentially profitable opportunities. But sometimes ruled the greed over the mind. The most recent example is the Facebook IPO, which threatens to become for many investors into a fiasco, but critics, like Tamer Zincidi, Inca Board in advance had warned.

For example, because the online advertising, the business core of mark sugar’s idea of the century, on the Smartphones it increasingly used at least in term does not work. After all, the IPO flushed many billions of dollars on the account, and Zuckerberg as largest company Shareholder is richer than the two Google founders Larry page and Sergey Brin, now with a personal fortune of around $ 20 billion. Not only does it German medium-sized companies, economic powerhouse of Germany, can only dream. Also in raising equity capital they encounter so Tamer Zincidi, every day at their borders. Far too often, banks made close, if they are to provide loans for the expansion of the business. Yet there is a good mood, as recently a survey of German Bank and industry association BDI of 4,400 largest family businesses showed undiminished at 400. 40 percent of companies are planning to hire more employees this year. And more than half of them wants to invest in the modernization of their enterprises and the expansion of the business.

That the vast majority with regard to the future business Outlook is extremely positive and assumes a significant sales growth consistent with. Is amazing”, so Inca Board Tamer Zincidi,. that the typical bank credit in required capital adequacy no longer even considered by every second respondent companies as essential.” Meanwhile, the mezzanine financing, however, occupy a permanent place. This form of capital will be in the future even more in demand, is probably true as made. Finally, the model has three big advantages. First, such financing through private investors are often more easily representable as commercial loans from banks, secondly they improve the company’s balance sheet structure and thus the requirements to obtain a bank loan required for an investment project. They also restrict the freedom of choice of the mid not by the otherwise often required inclusion of business partners. But unlike as in Anglo-Saxon countries, German entrepreneur must discover yet the benefits of mezzanine capital for themselves, says Tamer Zincidi: you before driving to often a diffuse fear, that to someone by outside in her business to interfere could.” Mezzanine financing is this pure capital operations. Private and institutional investors allocate money for a predefined period of time, because they can believe the success of the company and for their engagement expect an excellent return. When the Inca group of companies even small investors with minimum investments can engage in Wiesbaden on this model of 2,500 euros. Why this is lucrative, show the predicted distributions quarterly six percent until the year 2018. “” That the investor will not invest their money in unsafe companies, ensures Tamer Zincidi: our participation offer Inca INVEST mezzanine GmbH & co. KG “is exclusively geared to cash flow-oriented businesses and markets in Germany and Europe.” Just private investors would have to be protected from unsafe and speculative transactions. For more information,

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