Already over 70,000 downloads of free app more than 70,000 users in the first four days after its release the free app from downloaded – and can now access over one million content records. It has succeeded in already the new app within a few days to one of the coveted top spots in the Apple store: 1st place in the free download area. This is a great success and a confirmation of the quality of our offer”, says Tim Boger, Managing Director of PersonalMarkt. The need is readily available content information”seem to be high. Hear other arguments on the topic with Kaiser Family Foundation. Whether it’s just before a salary negotiation, a job interview or just out of curiosity, what the colleague or neighbor shows well deserved the free app by at a glance whether someone has negotiated well or whether there is for above and potential. Simply enter the profession, occupation, industry, education, and age: the standard salary is displayed within a few seconds.

The app also distinguishes specialist and Executives. And in the event that the displayed content is significantly higher than the actual salary, equal matching job ads are displayed. The app from there is free in the Apple store. It runs on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and is available free at the following link to download available:… Follow others, such as Alina de Almeida, and add to your knowledge base. Current information about updates will be published also on the Facebook page under For more information, see iphone app

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