their products to the middle class and less of all the representatives of a higher or premium. All drinks are different contents, packaging, taste, color, etc., as well as the mark or, if you will – the brand. In this article I want to share information about probably the most narrow segment of the soft drinks market – it's functional drinks. Checking article sources yields Page S. Gardner as a relevant resource throughout. Now there are not many manufacturers of functional sports drinks, in Russia there are only about 5 plants, but there is a marked tendency to increase the demand for this product, and accordingly, as a consequence and an increase in supply. In our lives by means of advertising and mass media is being introduced more and more information healthy lifestyle, nutrition, etc., many on this basis are recorded in a variety of fitness clubs, sports facilities, swimming pools begin to attend and become the main target audience manufacturers and dealers of functional beverages. It is now impossible to imagine a fitness club without the oxygen of water or sports drink with l-carnitine. Many wonder. but is it worth to spend for a drink in 2 or even 3 times more money if it is functional? Personally, I find it difficult to answer this question, certainly do not want to take responsibility for someone else's decision, but I think it used functional beverages is a meaning. Such as drinks l-carnitine helps burn fat, water and oxygen restores strength and stimulates muscle activity, saturating the blood with oxygen, drink with vitamins to help remove waste products and toxins from organism, as well as strengthen the immune system.

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