On the internet there are several methods that do not work for nothing. They are traditional diets. You say: Hey if you eat a minimum amount of calories, weight low. This works initially, because it is impossible to lose fat permanently killing of hunger. The human body is not dumb.

On the contrary, it is too ready to make it happen. When you stop feeding the fat through a diet low in calories, also stops feeding the muscle, and that’s the problem. When you stop feeding the muscle, muscle mass along with the fat is lost. To lose muscle, metabolism says Hey I have no reason to burn calories, better I reduce my work, bone becomes lento(quema menos calorias). Then the body enters a kind of alertness and slows the loss of fat in an attempt to conserve their energy. Once slows the loss of fat, either we let the diet by psychological pressure observe that we go forward (with which we recover the lost FAT) or we cannot kill us hunger and lower the calories even more (starving more).

If we got even more calories, metabolism becomes even slower and arrive at another point that will halt fat loss. It is something unstoppable, it is impossible to win the war against obesity consuming extremely low calorie. But this does not mean that a method that if work there is. And the one that I’ve come to tell you, you can lose weight without having to kill hunger, is relatively simple. Inmaginate eat whatever you want, imagine: you eat 1000 calories and only your body only has 700,!You would be eating 300 calories free! Unless you fattening or anything, this is a part of the method that I’ve come to tell you. This is a method for people who like to eat, love to eat, but the struggle to find extra energy, willpower, and time in your day to achieve lasting results, REAL and weight loss. More information can be found here: lose weight without starve Note: the page is in English, but it is worth reading the entire contents.

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