Express Oil Change, it is not difficult, but at the same time, a procedure that plays an important role for your car. Express technology, this technology using special equipment. This approach is an oil change is without prejudice, even if the defect drain plug. By the time of rapid oil change takes 20-minutes to the 15ti. Typically kspress oil change is performed in several stages.

The first step is the pumping of oil from engine with a special oil pan, the remaining life of the oil control specific probe. In the second stage is carried out flushing the engine oil, wash, and then give birth to a car for a few minutes to flushing oil remains cleared. After that, as with the oil sump is pumped flushing oil. In conclusion, all these procedures, replacing the oil filter and fill new oil. The first launch after an oil change is very important because at this point, the oil can not be distributed as soon as all the mechanical parts. Therefore, preferably before the first start to scroll the starter several times to pump the oil pumped oil in all parts of the system. Oil change should be carried out every 8000 miles, otherwise it increases wear and failure of mechanical parts. Reliability of your car depends on your care These, as well as environmental indicators and depending on the engine oil. Oil changes are recommended at specialized stations that have this license. Just qualified help you find the best variant of motor oil for your car. We must always remember that the choice of oil as well as very important each manufacturer their demands, which simply must be respected if you wish keep your car.

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