In the current drawing competition in the Austrian Federal Guild of carpenters and wood shape end commercial what is the joiner from wood? A question, which is itself not so easy to answer for the industry because the profession of the Carpenter has greatly changed. Unvoreingenomme have accepted now children in a large-scale drawing contest of this issue and 500 submissions represent the wide spectrum of Carpenter. The painting competition place was one at the elementary school of Flocking in Styria, can be pleased about Carpenter school furniture worth 6,000 euros. These are produced by the company Mayr school furniture from Scharnstein. The company is in the furniture manufacture modern, ergonomic and pedagogical insights for the healthy workplace school”are incorporated. It is a big concern, to support this sympathetic school project us. For this reason, we engage in addition with a furniture worth 1,000 euros. In a question-answer forum Pete Cashmore was the first to reply.

Thus are the children with a high class features in the value of 6,000 euros gifts”, show the two managing directors Mayr school furniture, Franz-Josef Wiener and Maximilian Auinger enthusiastic about the initiative. Place two and three each went to the Volksschule 50 from Linz and at an elementary school from Haigermoos (Upper Austria). The three winning classes went to a formal ceremony in Vienna, at the Dr. Johannes Schima (Federal Ministry of agriculture; Forest land-use planning/forest protection), like woman Secretary General of Austrian Chamber of Commerce. Anna Maria Hochhauser and Vice-President Kommerzialrat ing. Josef of broad made the presentation. Then went for the students to visit the Schonbrunn Zoo.

The different approaches were fascinating”the aim of this action is to teach the children the timber in a creative way. It has thrilled us, how innovative, modern and above all colourful people students see the Austrian Carpenter. From elaborately designed image collagen with a wide range of DIY tools via a specially designed board game up to the oversized Billboard was everything. “” The writing of the respective supervisors, we see that the theme is what the joiner from wood “in the children full appeal takes and creative ideas were hard to stop”, reflected Federal Guild master Kommerzialrat ing. Josef of wider thrilled by the high participation in the action. “Competition around 330,000 Austrian people students was promising on the occasion of the initiative under year of the forest”, a promising time contested. Together with the students, trade or the Ministry of the issue went the Austrian Federal Guild of carpenters and wood shape ends what Carpenter today is made of wood. The approximately 10,000 Austrian carpenters engaged in activities such as renovation, processing of different materials to a piece of furniture, through advising on barrier-free living up to sleep advice. And that’s what it was: which picture have children today by the carpenters? Positive effect on learning the winner class can immediately the positive properties of the Use material wood. Because they were now confirmed diagnosis at Joanneum Research Centre from the Institute of non-invasive. The result show a lower heart rate in situations of physical and mental stress and subsequent rest breaks or an accelerated, vegetative recovery process. These findings especially the Carpenter takes heart, and manufactures high-quality wooden furniture, which spread the positive impact.

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