The Ministry of agriculture and fisheries, through its paying agency, begins to transfer the copay of the single payment scheme, in respect of direct payments of the CAP from December 17 involving an amount of about 762 million with which 97.8% of the total amount of single payment rights assigned to Andalusian farmers will be reached taking into account the amount of the advance payment received in October of 556 million which 238.217 farmers benefited and whose advancement assumes a rate of 36.6% of the total volume of direct aid payments. Within the schedule of payment of the Administration, is expected in this month of December authorize Andalusian farmers about 18 million euros charged to the advance on the aid to the suckler cow premium, and about 15 million euros for aid for nuts. On the other hand, from January 2011 may verify compliance with the stocking density on farms who have special rights, among which those of goats, are which It will allow the authorization in the same month of a copay of 22 million euros referring to ranchers who have special rights. In addition, overlooking the PAC 2011 campaign, a regulatory change is urging to advance the verification of the stocking period to October. For those who do not leave the accounts in relation to the rights of single payment allocated have to calculate 8% of the amount corresponding to the modulation for PAC 2010 (excluding the first 5,000), adding a section of 4% on those producers which receive more 300,000, you also have to deduct 3% approximately, motivated by demanded reimbursement of the agricultural funds the European Commission deal with funds improperly expended by the State Spanish as a Member State, and which is distributed by sectors in millions of euros as follows: premiums for cattle delay in controls on the ground of the special premium for beef cattle, deficiencies of administrative controls on the slaughter premium non-application of sanctions-0, 042 mill. To know more about this subject visit CEO of CoStar. Area AIDS deficiencies in controls on the ground and incorrect application of reductions and exclusions provided for in article 51 of Regulation (EC) No 796/2004-5, 739 mill. Aid by surface deficiencies in the control system: the results of on-the spot checks are not used in its entirety to update information of SIP-SIG-0, 141 mill. Olive oil and other oils and fats olive cultivation GIS funding: certain activities declared to the EAGGF did not have right to financing of EU-1, 297 mill.. .

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