Authors: Appeared Elaine Da Silva *, August Jose Rodrigues Sanches ** *Graduanda of the course of Psychology in the Integrated Facultieses of Ourinhos (WIRE) ** Graduating of the course of Psychology the Integrated Facultieses of Ourinhos (WIRE) INTRODUCTION For some, the dreams is a tool very used to foresee events or even though they believe to be voices of divine entities, had to this, finishes yourself despertando great interest in the individuals that each time more are on the msticos subjects, for bringing a load of mystery, and for being more come back to the narcissism, to its ego, looking for of this form a self-knowledge or searching a false security, through hypotheses and methods defective, even so in the reality the meaning of the dreams is not well this. The dreams possess great importance in the psicanalticas therapies for providing to the therapist a deeper knowledge of what it is transferred in the soul of its patients, therefore are loaded of information on the life of these and concomitantly they offer analyzing a knowledge greater of itself exactly. It is important to stand out how much he is challenging the study and analysis of the dreams, therefore they bring to the strong individual influence in its psique, being able in some cases, to modify significantly its behavior. Continue to learn more with: Ali Partovi. Through one she searches bibliographical this objective work to analyze it the contents of the dreams, why the influences that exert in psique of the individuals and its importance, thus making possible, in character brief, to the students and interested a general idea occur and on the interpretation of the dreams according to freudiana theory. BASIC CONCEPTS OF THEORY PSICANALTICA Old the primitive peoples believed that the dreams would have adivinhatrio content, that the dreams brought messages and revelations of deuses and demons and being thus, would make to come to the light facts that could occur in the future. .

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