7.Neosporimy plus any digital tool – the presence of headphones. If your child has already started training in music school, you will understand what I mean – every day and a half to two hours of study (with the inevitable mistakes and false notes) can actually be derived from itself, and if you have a family a little child, then select the time to practice at all problematic. If a child goes on vacation to the cottage, then you can certainly buy a tool and there (in fact must do!), But you can pick up a compact digital piano with him – just unscrew the legs and fold into the trunk. On the acoustics is impossible. Thus, doing the latter conclusion: the digital piano – this is the best choice for families where a child is seriously studying music. This piano will be able to serve him and for serious study, and for entertainment, and even if the child would become a professional musician, the piano will not lose its relevance.

Moreover, if these lessons are not very serious, we can neglect the effect of hammer Mechanism and buy a synthesizer that, other things equal, the functions will be cheaper. But it will be a compromise solution. Personally, I’d choose for themselves the electronic keyboard instrument, has selected synthesizer, not digital piano. I did not mind – how hard to press the keys, because I bought it for his own entertainment, but extra money was not there. When I moved from the parents, the synthesizer has won a permanent place in the flat (compact size will put it inside the cabinet and built-in when I want to play, just pushing the door, inside I advance has provided an outlet, lamp, shelf for notes). Sometimes, on the occasion of somewhere to play acoustic piano. The difference is felt, but not critical.

Since the purchase of the synthesizer was ten years old, it works great – I have a Casio WK-1800, it lacks some new features such as USB-connection, you can only record music on a 3-inch disks, but honestly, I have this function never used. This year, first-grader son began studying music. By the career musician we do not prepare, he engaged in private and the teacher claims the tool will not put forward. Therefore the question of purchasing another tool does not even arise. His friend, classmate, went to music school and the teacher encouraged the “correct” tool. Parents bought him a compact Digital Piano Casio CDP-100, which perfectly fit into the corner two-bedroom apartment. When a child goes on vacation to the cottage, take the piano with him. In preparing this article I wanted to express his personal opinion on the selection tool for home, having some experience playing on acoustics, and an electronic piano. In my opinion, the best way to make the right choice – to get acquainted with different views and arguments and make their own solution, taking into account their own goals and capabilities.

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