The lack of orientaes related to the feeding, use of medications, habits of hygiene, cares with dressings, sleep and rest and many others can provoke serious risks high the hospital one of the patient after. One knows that many times the patient receives high hospital with no necessary orientation to the continuity of its treatment and in result of some factors she finishes occurring reicindivas. JUSTIFICATION We can make with that the implantation of the process of Nursing is a tool to improve the assistance and to guarantee a more active and humanizada performance. To incorporate the high plan of hospital in the planning of the assistance is essential for an effective care of nursing, as well as, the comprometimento of the nurse with this activity. While, it will not have professionals of nursing who provide a systemize attendance, and controllers who prioritize the adequate number of professionals for an assistance of quality, the patients will continue without access to an important support for its high preparation for hospital and probably the number of reinternaes due to adhesion to the treatment will continue burdening the services of cares to the health. The occurrence of reicindivas has relation with the work of the nurse, a time that are of ability of this professional to educate the patient for return of its normal activities fastest possible, as the correct use of medicines, feeding, hygiene high etc.

after the hospital one. This fact leads to a reflection on the education developed in the formation of the nurse on the preparation of the patient for the whitewashing in its domicile and, over all, the necessity systemize the work of the health team, what it implies in changes of attitudes of the professionals. WHITE PUBLIC Patient of the Surgical Clinic that to receive high hospital.

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