CSP supports all departments with QS-torque during the manufacturing process to ensure high quality Grosskollnbach, 26.05.2011. The CAQ software QA-torque ensures an optimal combination of components and ensures the quality of the overall product through statistical analysis. The use of CSP GmbH & co. KG makes a continuous assessment process and machine ability. QA torque clearly makes the connection process from development through planning to production and maintenance, and acts as a central tool for all departments.

Statistical evaluations from different sources are the users for the process evaluation in QA-torque available. Testing equipment such as, for example, test key deliver all data about the testing process. A tool results can be transferred from the test benches from the QA-torque production. The company-wide accessible database of QS-torque absorbs this data. Users can analyze the information and see so at a glance whether the desired level of the connection elements is reached. Any repairs or adjustments to the tool results, to ensure the quality at any time. About a reconciliation between the mobile test benches and the central database QA-torque indicate directly in the production also routinely upcoming tool checks. A system for all connection techniques that offers users a huge benefit”, says Hermann Pellkofer, Managing Director of CSP and regards for QA-torque.

With QA-torque manufacturing companies can decide at any time whether connections are correctly carried out and from any PC in the company. Only this can ensure the high quality demands on the connection technology. All manufacturers are supported by the software. The company can therefore evaluate the entire process with a single software and no longer work with different island solutions. All departments such as development, planning, Production and maintenance can use QA-torque and thus improve the quality of the product: the development of entering master data by import or reinvestment in QA-torque and sets parameters or other requirements, for example, for a fitting.

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