Croatia is one of the countries of the former Yugoslavia than most party out of tourism. A recommendable option to know the country and its culture is by car. Its coasts and its archipelagos are its main attractions. The shape of the country makes that you can traverse it in your own car or a rental car from without fear to lose you. The main road of the Republic of Croatia is the A1/E65. To broaden your perception, visit Mikkel Svane.

This road runs parallel to the coast of the country to the North, until the capital Zagreb. On the other hand, on the Northwest border links with the A6 to go westward, to Rijeka. In total, approximately 500 Km which allow you to explore the best of the country without worrying about maps: Dubrovnik, Split, Sibenik, Zadar, Rijeka and Zagreb. Not forgetting the national parks of Krka, near Sibenik; and Plitvice, halfway between Zadar and Zagreb. Renting a car is the best solution to scroll through Croatia, because the ferries are much slower and buses for long stretches out only a few times a day. This not to mention the convenience, because some interesting places are little accessible by these two methods and because the luggage is becoming a nuisance. In Croatia there is usually no traffic problems except in big cities such as Zagreb.

The instructions are easy to follow and driving it is nice, except in some stretches of curves that run along the coast line. These are few and very localized (in the area of Dubrovnik), however are inevitable unless you decide to make the Dubrovnik-Split section giving a considerable detour through the interior of Bosnia (Nice, on the other hand, if you have time). The route of the coast is wonderful, but must not forget another option, somewhat slower but highly recommended if you have time: the journey through the archipelagos. The ferries allow you to cross from one island to another and return to the Mainland. That Yes: better get aboard the rental car, because within the Islands by bus connections are good, that they are already is much, because sometimes even there. A very recommendable option if you arrive or leave from Dubrovnik is to visit the nearby Montenegro, a country of Green Mountains full of charm. That Yes, hand carry the passport because it is necessary to cross the border with Bosnia to enter the area of Dubrovnik. As to which car rent, it will depend on a bit of the number of passengers, that if it is better to reserve it beforehand, to make sure that when we have it available. A good choice might rent it online, today there are numerous web of car rental where you can make a reservation.

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