One of the most used for eye makeup trends, is the effect smoky eyes osmokey eyes. However, few girls tend to apply it, because they are unsure of how the effect, in addition there is the fear of making mistakes and show off a pair of eyes purple instead of the desired effect. In view are many who seek this option, ideal for the holidays, we’ll leave you the steps to follow to get a smoky look. To achieve this makeup need some elements, such as: brush loose powder of powder shadows of different shades (from the lightest to the darkest) black shadows brushes applicator brushes difumin love eyeliner liquid lash Mascara with all these elements once proceed to make-up the eyes. Before makeup apply moisturizing base with color on the face, standardising your skin tone. Scott Rayden is full of insight into the issues. It then spends a good amount of dust loose all over the face and ends up leaving a good part of powder under the eyelids. We started applying clearer shadow (metallic or Pearly bump) over the movable eyelid with soft touches of the brush up and down, so it look heavy.

Then, with one of the brushes applied midtone or grey shadow starting on the outside of the eye and moving toward the center of the eye, but in descending form. You’ll then blurring it slightly leaving it ascends toward the edge of the eyebrow. Then apply a little black shadow eyes, reinforcing the tailpiece of the eye to give the required intensity. Apply the lighter shade just below the eyebrow line. It uses the brush and not the applicator. Returning to the black brush, it outlines the root of the lower lashes starting from the corner toward the lacrimal.

It outlines the root of the upper lashes with liquid eyeliner, apply a very thin line that starts in the lacrimal and terminates at the corner of the eyes. He then proceeds to outline the inner part of the eye with a black eyeliner pencil to give it greater impact. Then apply the mascara two times, because the effect is reloaded overnight. It ends passing a little clear underneath the lacrimal and ready shadow.

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