Never look for doors that do not have guides, because this could cause that they lock to open or close. Generally in these doors inexpensive adhesives and staples are used to ensure the durability of them. Moisture can cause that doors that did not have a proper maintenance to swell, making its opening. (Similarly see: altavista). You should check the doors to know if it will be necessary to repair them or if with a bit of fat you will reach. You must have certain care when purchasing wooden doors.

To ensure that you are buying a genuine antique and not just a reproduction, ask the some expert Council. Make sure that the door will fit in the place you want to locate it. Don’t buy doors that are larger than the available space. These doors may have been created as to the place where were initially placed. You can detect if the door has moths with just tap the wood. Dust from the holes is a clear indication of moth, it will therefore be important that wood treated correctly. Observe and check the damage caused on the wood does not affect its structure or stability. If you do not see signs of moths, take preventive measures in such wood.

The color of your door should complement your home decor, including walls and other furnishings, to achieve a balanced lighting effect. Look for some varnish to your door that is bright and attractive. The color of the varnish affect visibly the amount of light that enters the House. This is why it is advisable to seek the advice of an expert in wood coatings to be able to evacuate so all your doubts.

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