The most common errors that occur when working with non-gypsum is recommended when working and non-compliance with basic rules. This eventually leads to a defect. One of the main reasons for this: improper storage of the material and temperature conditions during installation. Because of this, during the operation of drywall sheets are deformed at the seams and cracks can form. Remember, the drywall should be stored in a horizontal position on a flat surface area for dry or normal temperature and humidity. When working with sheets of drywall and other materials from plaster the room temperature should be as close to that in which the material will be placed in service.

Another reason for possible defects in a deviation from the installation technology. This primarily concerns the application of component materials that do not fit the norms. Profiles for mounting should be 0.6 mm, made of galvanized steel tape. Lower sheet thickness up to 0.4-0.5 mm destroys the rigidity and structural strength. Not Remember that each design provides certain attachment point. Very often, defects arise due to non-clearance.

The distance between adjacent sheets of ceilings, partitions should be 5-7mm; distance between the base of precast floor and cladding is not more than 10mm. Another question that often arises after the incorrect use of plasterboard – why publish false ceilings crack. To start pay attention to the putty mixture. It may not be appropriate for the brand. Also, a possible reason is that the screws are tightened to no end. It is possible to install the ceiling was not abandoned technological gap (usually it is 2 mm). And finally, remember that the plates at the joints should be based on the profile. Naturally this is not a complete list of possible causes of the cod ceiling, but they should pay attention at first. Finally, a very common question that arises is under repair when working with drywall. Is it possible to partition plasterboard something to hang? Please note that any goods can be fixed only with plugs. The size of dowels choose depending on the weight and thickness of the cladding. Light loads (eg pictures) can be hung on a gypsum panel with a nail or hook.

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