Generic advice about how to place a small room with a maximum of necessary furniture and still leave enough space for comfort, no. Because the concept of comfort and convenience for all of us can be quite different. One for the feeling of comfort to a lot of free space, and others – on the contrary, more comfortable feel in the room where sofas, chairs, walls and a table for magazines occupy almost the entire free area. Apartment owners themselves or the owners of offices and representatives of companies before the end can not imagine how it should look comfortable and cozy room and what furniture it should be. Some imagine a cozy apartment as a country house, while others ride comfort, and perfection is a minimalist-style furniture and high-tech.

But it does not matter. After all, equip, and create a unique interior small apartment or a very small office, which employs an ophthalmologist, a lawyer or an accountant, you can always comfortably, and almost home comforts. To read more click here: Viacom. For example, if you love space, but the size of your the apartment is not to release the maximum amount of space from the mandatory items of furniture, take as a basis for Japanese-style interior of the device. The furniture in the Japanese style is currently available in large range of many both domestic and foreign manufacturers. Therefore, choose a low-cost solution for your home is not difficult.

The room in which the visual effect is the free space must have light walls, ceilings and floors. Furniture in it will be low and in small quantities. And the floor is better equipped podiums on which you can store all the necessary things. In order to free space was even more, the maximum release windows, removing them from the heavy curtains and dark curtains. Windows, decorated with transparent organza and tulle, curtained fabric or bamboo blinds will look much more fashionable than the cumbersome curtain of heavy velvet, collecting dust. Agree, even a little dental, fitted in a minimalist style, will look representative and even elegant, not to mention a simple apartment.

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