Chemical reagents (from Lat. Reactivus) – pure substances and their solutions, compositions, mixtures of strictly regulated, which are designed for chemical analysis of research and laboratory work. To denote chemicals involved in chemical reactions in the analysis and synthesis of various substances, also used the name – chemical reagents. Isearch may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Chemical agents are available in a specially designed form, which is important for ease of use and >. Chemical reagents are characterized for purity and (for solids) on the homogeneity of the phase composition. Chemical reagents other than the core material environment may include the substance that gives them certain functional characteristics – solvents, fillers, carriers, etc. In Russia, chemical reagents to produce the degree of purity and purpose, is divided into substance: purity (Fr. with. Pm) net (h) treated (ochisch.) technical products packaged in small shallow containers in the (technical) of chemically pure (x, h) pure for analysis (Part forth as well.) qualification of ‘pure’ assign chemical reagents containing main component is not less than 98, 0%. It is used in a variety of laboratory studies of industrial and educational nature.

Chemical reagents qualification ‘pure for analysis’ (Part forth as well.) May contain the main component, depending on the purpose of higher or much lower than 98, 0%. Designed for analytic work carried out with great accuracy and content of impurities in drugs education “pure for analysis’ is so small that it almost does not make significant errors in the analysis. Qualifications ‘chemically pure’ refers to the strict purpose of responsible research, are also used in analytical laboratories, as substances for which establishes the captions working solutions. Chemically pure substance is past the highest degree of purification. Also for sale by chemical reagents qualification ‘practical’ (the content of the axis of substance usually not less than 90%) through the store chemicals. With regard to drugs more highly purified (‘purity’), then their use is justified only when even millionths of a percent impurities are completely unacceptable. The use of chemical reagents of high purity is absolutely senseless and costly when the rank and file of research and analytical work. The areas of application of these drugs include: industry semiconductor materials and quantum electronics and avionics.

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