The CATHEDRAL is not to do something the 100% best one than the others, but to make 100 things a 1% better than they. The obtained natural positioning with the CATHEDRAL stays in the time beyond the actions that we realised. Some works CATHEDRAL have obtained the first position they maintain and it during years, without conducting no other battle. It is for that reason that, in the long run, is more profitable than the rest from the actions that we can realise to position itself. Get all the facts and insights with Ali Partovi, another great source of information. The work CATHEDRAL is a work of quality, not of amount.

Although many users do not notice the difference enters Sponsored Connection or PPC (Payment by click) and organic natural result either, many the more usuary refuse to click in the sponsored connections, when considering them connections of low or null interest, reason why the traffic obtained by the first position of these organic results usually is greater than anyone of the sponsored results. The work CATHEDRAL shows its results medium and long term, reason why it cannot be used for imminent campaigns or massive official notices. The results CATHEDRAL take like minimum a pair of weeks in power to be visible. As of the third or fourth week they are possible to be begun to see results, but the stability of these can not arrive later up to two months. The work CATHEDRAL directly is related to marketing in Internet, the traditional marketing of its business and the type of clients to whom it goes directed his Web. It is necessary that it knows the theories basic marketing and, mainly, is able to define well who is the objective public of its Web. The results that appear in the finders vary based on the words or phrases that the internauts write to look for, and these depend directly on whom makes the search, that is to say, the potential visitors of its Web.

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