That speaking in Spanish, is not politically correct, it is better to learn the English that for some is the beginning to lay the groundwork to rebuild the ruined tower of the kingdom of Babel. Hence, a silence spreads over certain Spanish regions. Especially in those where a February 21 they wanted (some) that existed before (but now no longer suits them) and had been able to celebrate the international day of the mother tongue. Not for less!, Has invented this day to begin a new millennium and maybe now, comes so late that it may no longer interested. But eight years is being held this tragic event, and adjective as tragic, as in some Spanish regions the opposite is practiced with impunity and it ignores the language. Perhaps it is because there is macho, or rather feminists and not doing it that only seeks to promote the mother tongue, as they ask something like, what need is there in which women communicate in their own language with a child not born?. May be an attempt to boost the language using the term "nation", although this in some places and also put in question sounds like a feminist. Best not to mess!, As we have seen how just a few of those in its parent.

Maybe we could talk macho plan or celebrate the day of the parental language, but not even that, and unless their use is extended and instead of talking about the nation, talk about the state or country, and language becomes a generic reference and not gender. But I fear that the issue has left the silence in response. What better knowing the day hospitalization of the mother tongue?. If in addition this year, opens the international year of languages with a slogan "languages matter", with the intent to promote or protect or promote the maintenance of the mother tongue. Best not to take provocative and everyone here quietly. What happens to a sound, and little by little further with what you are trying to decimate. So are our media, so are our regional language policies, so are our politicians, and also every other day, we observed only bring to corral the use of "international" when the bells ring in his favor and foster their speeches winds … But encourages the silence when the "international" is not favorable to their projects or gifts. PD. With what I like to communicate in privacy and intimacy is not one of those three languages and now, having to go through this embarrassment.

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