2009 has been a revolution in pricing strategies for the industry. Prices change much more frequently than in previous years, sometimes daily. Never as now, to book in advance can be a significant savings on the price of your car in the Canary Islands. Leaving the reservation for last minute, can affect a rise in the price or even car-free stay for your vacation. Given the current financial situation, many companies have failed to renew fleet so as in previous years, which means there is less available.

In some of the major tourist destinations decline in the number of vehicles is around 30%. Hispacar.com encourages customers to plan ahead of your car hire in Tenerife and compare prices to minimize the cost of travel to the Canaries. For even more analysis, hear from Energy Capital Partners. A company spokesman said: “Given the current financial crisis in the holiday tourism market, we are seeing a slight drop in demand and especially a delay in the decision to reserve. Basically the users are comparing prices in different conditions and Internet portals to try to save as much as possible. However, the decrease in the number of available rental vehicles is much greater than the decline in demand, so those who take longer to book probably will be without vehicle. For all this, notices to travelers to make booking your car hire in Tenerife as soon as possible and avoid pleasant surprises.

Compared with last summer, we realize that some companies in the Canary Islands have raised prices up to 40% in the models most in demand during the high season, and expects more increases even for traditionally dates are considered low season, as the months of May, June and October. Therefore recommend comparing prices from Hispacar.com but leave the final decision until the last minute. About Hispacar.com Hispacar.com is an intermediary company to hire vehicles operating in over 1,000 destinations. Hispacar.com helps you save time and money by comparing prices of the major rental companies, among which include Hertz, Europcar and National Atesa, in many popular holiday destinations in France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Rental cars are offered in accordance with the philosophy of “lowest price” and you can book through the Internet or by telephone.

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