But, unfortunately (and I do this very often come across and come across so far) too many 'experts at' 'advisers' can not correctly and competently advise computer for sale. Therefore, in extreme cases, if you agreed to with someone for advice, it's best not to rely on the opinion of one person, and listen more. From the same series of 'consultants' 'advisers' – periodicals, including the already mentioned computer magazines. Again, I'm not suggesting you do not read them, no. Of course, sometimes it's very useful to receive news about the latest computer technology. But we must carefully evaluate the articles in computer magazines and remember that all these articles are usually written metropolitan journalists (emphasis on the word 'capital'), whose respective capitals salary, and in connection with this particular train of thought, almost like the programmers. Robert Bakish spoke with conviction.

Almost all journalists writing on computer topics, as a rule, too maximalists who are interested only in frequency, core and test results. And the last thing they care about price. Stop! Here again, small time-out. After the last paragraph may have You had a thought: 'That, he says, he found a provincial upstart who has the most money there, so now would be to advise the cheapest and de MOWOE'. But, in fact, I'm not going to advise you the cheapest, not at all.

I proceed from the notion that buying a computer should be reasonable and optimal. That is why the computer to buy based on your goals. Let's draw an analogy, and you immediately realize what was going on peq.

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